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The following are special and deluxe editions of Push and Shove that have been released.

Target Exclusive Limited Edition[]

Target Exclusive Limited Edition

Target released their very own two-disc limited edition version of Push and Shove that included previously unreleased cover "Stand and Deliver", four acoustic tracks and three new remixes. The album retailed for $14.99 USD and included no additional artwork. Target promoted the album heavily with a televised commercial which also aired in-stores.

Disc 1 (Standard album) Length
1. Settle Down 6:01
2. Looking Hot 4:43
3. One More Summer 4:39
4. Push and Shove (featuring Busy Signal and Major Lazer) 5:07
5. Easy 5:10
6. Gravity 4:25
7. Undercover 4:38
8. Undone 4:38
9. Sparkle 4:08
10. Heaven 4:06
11. Dreaming The Same Dream 5:27
Disc 2 (Bonus disc) Length
1. Stand and Deliver 3:22
2. Settle Down (Acoustic - Santa Monica Sessions) 4:03
3. Looking Hot (Acoustic - Santa Monica Sessions) 4:21
4. One More Summer (Acoustic - Santa Monica Sessions) 4:20
5. Easy (Acoustic - Santa Monica Sessions) 4:48
6. Looking Hot (Jonas Quant Remix) 4:49
7. One More Summer (Jonas Quant Remix) 4:36
8. Push and Shove (Anothony Gorry Remix) 5:34

Walmart Exclusive Zinepak[]

Walmart Exclusive Zinepak

No Doubt teamed up with Zinepak and created a special edition of the album (though the standard edition is included only) which included a exclusive mini poster in black and white (a thicker paper), four trading cards featuring the band members each from the "Settle Down" video on the front and their individual portrait from Push and Shove on the reverse side (all cards in every Zinepak are the same) and a 68-page magazine. The magzine can only be found in the Zinepak and features photos from the 2009 tour, No Doubt in the studio recording Push and Shove, coverage of No Doubt's appearance on The Kennedy Center Honors, on the set of the "Settle Down" video and ends with the standard album booklet including a two-page spread of personal thank yous in the band's own handwriting (excluding Tony) with family photos.

The Zinepak is available exclusively to Walmart stores and online in the US and retailed for $17.98 USD.

Super Limited Edition Speaker Box Set[]

Super Limited Edition Speaker Box Set

No Doubt's official webstore sold a Super Limited Edition Speaker Box Set and only 2,500 were produced. Each set included:

  • Rigid textured box featuring working audio speakers that function with standard mini-jack connection
  • Custom twist to open 4GB flash drive containing album audio in .wav and .mp3 formats with digital booklet
  • Hardbound 24 page booklet with audio CD
  • Pearlized guitar pick featuring black foil stamping including facsimile printed band signatures
  • Commemorative laminate with printed lanyard (collectors item, sorry - no backstage access)
  • Fold-out photo poster
  • Accordion fold 5 postcard set
  • Vinyl sticker
  • Custom-cut charcoal foam contents tray
  • Individually numbered

The album also included three bonus tracks:

Bonus tracks Length
12. Settle Down (Acoustic - Santa Monica Sessions) 4:03
13. One More Summer (Acoustic - Santa Monica Sessions) 4:20
14. Looking Hot (Jonas Quant Remix) 4:49

The Speaker Box retailed for $175.00 USD exclusively on the official webstore.

Japanese Bonus Track Edition[]

Push and Shove was released in Japan with one additional bonus track:

Bonus tracks Length
12. Settle Down (Jonas Quant Remix) 4:33

Previously, the Jonas Quant remix of "Settle Down" was only available on the German imported single of "Settle Down". This remix is not found on any of the US editions of Push and Shove.