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Webisode 3[]

In the first of two parts, No Doubt give fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of their "Settle Down" video. The "Settle Down" video was filmed over two days at Downey Studios in Downey, California on June 12-13, 2012. The video was directed by longtime friend and director, Sophie Muller.

The band explains in the webisode the concept of the video being all four members drive alone to a remote location where they meet to jam out and then a full-blown party ensues, fireworks and all. Below are transcriptions taken from No Doubt:

Adrian: “The idea is that we are all driving separate trucks, and we all arrive at this party, then we start playing together. People are like, “yeah!”
Tom: “I’m coming from my suburban home in suburbia, with the speakers to the party. Okay, so the party, when I get there, amazing.”
Tony: “So I’m driving in India and we are all driving to this undisclosed location.”
Gwen: “I’m actually back in Harajuku, and my heart has actually pulled me back to the band. Baby actually is with me and I’m coming to meet the guys.”
Adrian: “The song, we kind of went back to the Jamaican groove, the dancehall Jamaican groove that is. We’ve always loved that type of music and it just feels so natural to play.”
Gwen: “We feel like it really represents lyrically where I was at and am at a lot. It’s interesting it ends up being the first single because lyrically is kind of summarizes the last couple years. I don’t want to say too much about that cause it’s my private life.”

The first part debuted on July 11, 2012 and the second part (webisode 4) on July 13, 2012.